The Ultimate Review of Hostmonster Products & Services

This Review of Hostmonster Products & Services, attempts to pen a brief explanation with regards to hostmonster and the reason this hosting giant holds such a powerful reputation among the best in the industry. In understanding exactly what host monster is, one must remember what a web host is in the first place, basically the provider of a server that will hold you website and make it available on the internet.

As such hostmonster hosting is a firm that succeeds exceedingly in providing services that bring client web sites to the internet. Host monster web hosting has been in business since 1996, making it one of the oldest host providers in the business, with its nearly one million supported websites attesting to the level of host monster’s success.

Any hostmonster review will waste no time in boasting of this host provider’s keys strengths, its reliability, the unlimited web hosting, the impressively competitive hosting pricing, all playing a part in raising host monster’s ranking as an optimal host provider. makes no secret of the where, in its offering of products and services, it truly succeeds, including:

Reliability – When you speak of host monster’s reliable performance you are most likely referring to its xeon servers, coupled with 24/7 monitoring services whose purpose is not only to detect the occurrence of any system errors and take necessary actions but to ensure that servers are running at optimum levels, ensuring the safety and reliable storage and processing of your content and data.

At the very least monitoring services ensure very low down time, which is usually a deciding factor in choosing a host provider. It would be difficult to locate a host provider that can contend with host monster in the area of reliability.

Hostmonster Pricing – When you look at pricing with regards to hosting, it isn’t merely about initial and monthly charges but future charges that will be incurred; which is where host monster thrives, making available favorable packages with unlimited hostmonster features such as bandwidth and space, all making available the resources needed in the case of future expansion, decisions regarding a change in hosting plan or hosting firm made unnecessary at this point.

Those determined to save that extra buck can look forward to more than the occasional hostmonster promo, with free offerings such as domain name, set up, email forwarding and more making for a pretty wallet friendly hosting plan.

Beyond these offerings host monster does make available a package of bonus features such as mailing lists, drupal, Joomla, PHP 5, Python, poll and survey programs, form mail script and so much more. Put all these hostmonster features together and you are definitely getting more than your money’s value back.

CPanel – With features such as Fantastico and its ability to ease and quicken installation processes as well as a provision of statistical reports allowing for an in depth analysis of the performance of one’s website, host monster provides one of the most powerful, if not the very best, cPanel in the field, easy to install and configure with little technical know how.

Customer Support – As expected no hosting provider can hope to achieve success in the hosting business without comprehensive customer support mechanisms; and this is where host monster truly shines, offering reliable, friendly 24/7, quick reply customer services through live chat and email without having to rely on outsourcing like most other companies.

The firm also makes available a rich database of tutorials as well as helpful forums through which users can acquire knowledgeable and experienced support from fellow users.

Over all host monster is the perfect host provider for small businesses and individuals in search of relatively fast, secure, quality performance and affordable hosting services. You may also consider Blue Host Web Hosting, which is from the same management as This is the Bluehost Coupon link –